University educated in Design, Amelia has been working in Business Operations, Marketing, and Product Innovation for the last 13 years.

Previously she has worked for large business operations such as Merivale Group, GDS International (global media company) and Australia’s largest Data driven marketing associations, ADMA, where she continuously worked to improve their product innovation within the market.

As a skin care addict her whole life, Amelia begun studying Skincare formulation in her spare time and went on to found her own brand raw. Skincare in 2015. With a love for cooking and growing nutritional
superfoods in her backyard in St Peters, Sydney, she begun developing her own superfood-based product line which quickly gained traction selling online. "I always saw It as a very natural progression, it makes sense that the fresh, nutritional foods we want to eat are the same ones that can gently heal
our skin and give us a healthy glow from within and on the outside" said Amelia, when asked how she came up with the idea for raw. skincare.

In 2018, with the backing of a Sydney based venture capital firm, raw skincare merged with another skin care company with very similar values, Cedar + Stone. As part of this merger Amelia came on board as the new General Manager of Cedar + Stone with the goal of scaling the company to become a larger global player in the beauty space.

Amelia completely overhauled Cedar + Stones operations, streamlining logistics and manufacturing practices, grew the wholesale customer database and headed up product innovation which lead to having over 60 SKU's on offer in the company.

In 2020, Amelia was head hunted to Join Greenfield MC, an Australia medicinal Cannabis Pharmaceutical company, as the CEO. Greenfield MC is building a remit of cannabis focused brands including Greenfield CBD, which currently has two prescription CBD products on the Australia Market and is about to launch a luxury skincare brand called Vela Days. Vela Days will be introducing a new luxury cannabis skincare offering into the Australia market, sold exclusively online. The products will be utilizing advanced skincare technologies with cannabis enriched formulars to provide customers
with an elevated luxury product offering.

Amelia was brought onboard Greenfield MC to run the pharmaceutical side of the business and to create the Vela Days brand and products from the ground up. A task which plays to her strengths in the industry and her passion for creating unique and global, direct to consumer beauty brands.